How to Easily Remove the Hangers From a Plastic Hanging Basket

I’ve purchased many beautiful plants that came in those ubiquitous plastic planters with the plastic hangers on them. I’m not fond of the look of these hangers, so even if I do plan to hang the plant up, I always take it out and repot it into a nicer hanging basket. Often though, I want to use the plants in other planters or in the ground.


It’s a lot easier to get the plants out without damaging them if you remove the hangers first. Until I knew the little trick to doing so, I wrestled with them, sometimes resort to just cutting them off. Maybe others figured this out sooner than I, but I finally stopped wrestling with the clips long enough to have a good look at them, and learned that they’re really easy to take off if you move them the right way.


Here’s a 30 second video showing you how:



And now you’ll never need to wrestle with those little bits of plastic ever again! (Note: I’d prefer not to be buying plants in plastic period, but right now there aren’t many alternatives available. My compromise is to reuse my plastic as much as possible, until it’s finally ready to be recycled or trashed.)




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