Jennifer Arnott in her gardenThe Fabulous Garden is a place for aspiring gardeners of all skill levels, especially if they garden in and around Zone 6. Every week you’ll find a new article designed to help you create a garden you can be proud of. You can subscribe to the mailing list to be notified when each new article is posted.

Jennifer Arnott is the writer and photographer behind The Fabulous Garden. She’s been gardening since she was old enough to hold a shovel, tending her own little plot within her father’s larger vegetable garden in Lively, Ontario. Moving away from home put an end to gardening for a season.

Eventually, she landed an apartment with a balcony and spent 6 years lugging watering cans back and forth to the kitchen sink to nurture what eventually grew to be 35 planters, filled mostly with flowers, each summer.

In 2003 she bought a piece of land with a very small house in Toronto—by the end of the first summer she’d removed all of the lawn on the property and planted a garden.

Jennifer's Front Garden

Creating that garden has taught Jennifer quite a bit. But, she would tell you that part of why she loves gardening is because there’s always something new to learn. Her horticultural education has included killing hundreds of plants (seriously, that’s how you learn), earning a Certificate in Horticulture Science from Humber College, and spending time asking questions of more experienced gardeners.

The Fabulous Garden is Jennifer’s outlet for sharing her passion, and helping those who are interested in sprouting and growing their green thumb.

Let’s getting gardening!




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